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What is The Early Republic online?

Since 1972, 20 volumes of primary material documenting the actions, debates, and thoughts of the First Federal Congress and its members have been collected by the First Federal Congress Project (FFCP) and published by the Johns Hopkins University Press. These volumes of the Documentary History of the First Federal Congress are used by Congress, historians, political scientists, and jurists to understand the most important and productive Congress in United States history.

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Abraham Baldwin to Governor Edward Telfair

Image of Abraham Baldwin to Edward Telfair, 17 June 1789, ALS, p. 1. (Courtesy of Duke University Library.)

Image of Abraham Baldwin to Edward Telfair, 17 June 1789, ALS, p. 1. (Courtesy of Duke University Library.)

Abraham Baldwin of Georgia to Edward Telfair, June 17, 1789. Southerners were generally opposed to using imposts to protect American manufactures. In this letter, Baldwin is critical of the Senate's changes in the Impost Act, saying "These protections and commercial regulations will surely lead us a wild dance." (ALS, Telfair Papers, Duke University Library)

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